"Call anytime! You will love what you will hear about pricing, delivery, and dependable support from Sparta Softub. We go out of our way to provide you with support above and beyond."
- Linda

Hot Tub Services in Sparta, NJ

Affordable Hot Tub Services in Stillwater, NJ

Hot Tub Services in Sparta, NJ

Sparta Softub, LLC is a factory authorized service representative for Softub Spas. Since 2006 we have provided reliable  Softub service to hundreds of satisfied customers.

For a parts price or just answers, call or text 973-729-3511 anytime and we will get back to you shortly; or shoot us an email at spartasoftub@gmail.com 

We can answer emails no matter where we are, and we will respond to you quickly. 

We repair all Softub models and replace all parts with original Softub components and turn-around time is usually within two weeks.

If your Softub is less than two years old, full warranty coverage applies on parts. Shipping costs to and from Sparta Softub is the customer's responsibility, even if under warranty. You may also bring the pump to us at your convenience.

Call or text 973-729-3511